• Overdraft Calculator

    Use our overdraft calculator to estimate the cost of using an overdraft facility on your current account. The figures provided by this calculator are intended to be used as a guide only and are based on assumptions rather than precise calculations. Your actual costs may vary if your level of borrowing changes within the month and/or you have incurred fees and charges in previous month.

  • Step 1 - choose your account

    You can not have a planned overdraft on a Cash Account.

    Please choose an account first.

    Step 2 - select your overdraft preferences

    How much do you want to borrow?

    £0 £5,000
    You can only borrow between £0 and £5,000.

    For how many days?

    1 31
    Choose days between 1-31.

    Calculate Unplanned Overdraft?

    To ensure a better estimate, the above planned selections are assumed to be the maximum planned limit on your account.

    How much do you want to borrow?

    £0 £100
    You can only borrow between £0 and £100.

    For how many days?

    1 31
    Choose days between 1-31.

    To help you avoid unplanned overdraft fees, you may want to apply for our Control Service. More information about Control.

    We’ll never charge you more than £80 each monthly billing period for the total of all these fees:

    • Unplanned Overdraft Daily Usage Fees
    • Unplanned Monthly Overdraft Usage Fee
    • Unplanned Overdraft interest
    • Returned Item Fees

    To make comparing bank products easier for you, banks are setting a maximum monthly charge for unplanned borrowing fees. Each bank may charge different fees, but all banks are explaining it the same way, with the same wording.

    Monthly cap on unarranged overdraft charges

    1. Each current account will set a monthly maximum charge for:
      a) Going overdrawn when you have not arranged an overdraft.
      b) Going over/past your arranged overdraft limit (if you have one).
    2. This cap covers:
      a) Interest and fees for going over/past your arranged overdraft limit.
      b) Fees for each payment your bank allows despite lack of funds.
      c) Fees for each payment your bank refuses due to lack of funds.

    Terms and conditions

    For more information about planned and unplanned overdraft charges and other banking fees, please see our Banking Charges Guide.

    An overdraft may cost you less on one of our other accounts. Compare our accounts

    How the calculator works

    • The Total Monthly Cost is for illustrative purposes only and based on the information you have provided. It only includes overdraft fees and charges, other account fees, such as Returned Items Fees, may apply.
    • This tool is only suitable for calculating an estimate of cost for Planned Overdraft borrowing of up to £5000 and Unplanned Overdraft borrowing of up to £100.
    • The overdraft calculator will assume that the amount selected will be used within the same monthly billing cycle. If the amount selected would be used over more than one billing cycle further fees and charges will apply.
    • When calculating the cost related to any Unplanned Overdraft please enter your maximum overdraft limit and the number of days you will be at this limit. Unplanned Overdrafts begin once you have used all your available Overdraft limit. If you do not have an Overdraft limit, or simply want to calculate Unplanned Overdraft charges by themselves, please enter £0 in the Planned Overdraft part of this calculator.
    • How much TSB lends (if any) is subject to application and approval.
    • Interest rates are correct as at 01/02/2017. Interest rates are variable


    You will pay a daily fee for using an Unplanned Overdraft, up to a maximum of eight daily fees in a monthly billing period. The amount of the fee will be worked out at the end of each day (including weekends and bank holidays) on the balance of your Unplanned Overdraft.




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